Too Many Wonderful Places, Reality Calls US Back

We went a wonderful week without phone access or internet. (I lie subtly, because in Ocean Falls there was very slow WiFi available, if we’d sought it out.)

Jennifer realized last Sunday that at our current rate we would arrive in Ketchikan two weeks early, so we’ve been able to slow down travel half days and do fun stuff. We’ve also met people along the way, had them over for drinks and dinner and were hosted to Dutch pancakes by Christian and Wanda in Ocean Falls.

This post will mostly be a photo gallery.

We’re currently back in Shearwater for the cellular connection and laundry.

For the first half of the week sailing was excellent. The winds will come from all points of sailing during a day, but once in the fjords the wind varies between circling and no wind.

No matter how strong the wind, there is no fetch, so there are no appreciable waves though there are white caps.

Among the weeks highlights were the hot springs at Eucott. It was one of the three times to date where there was another boat in the same anchorage. In Eucott, there were two fishing boat, one of which was shooting skeet. The echo from the shotgun was amazing.

The water was Spa temperature with a separate bath tub for washing. There is printed etiquette at Shearwater and other places for hot tub usage: Very Canadian and very civilized.

Ocean Falls has a wonderful dam and a dead town that may be rising from the ashes.

We lose internet this afternoon (Sunday the 15th), but should have some again in a few days… may be.

The engine problems continue to increase. The newest may be a battery issue, starter issue, or, it has been suggested, an exhaust elbow issue.

I’m buying spare parts and will look for a diesel mechanic in Ketchikan, where we’ll be for a week beginning June 1.

Finally, our new AIS transponder has stopped transmitting. The device says the antenna is okay and that it s transmitting, but no one receives our VHF signal.

The adage goes, Cruising is making repairs in exotic places…

All is well here.

Ocean Falls, Roscoe Inlet

Author: johnjuliano

One-third owner of Caro Babbo, co-captain and in command whenever Caro Babbo is under sail.

4 thoughts on “Too Many Wonderful Places, Reality Calls US Back”

  1. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you guys are having a blast. The scenery is fantastic. Get all those problems fixed and just enjoy the sailing and sight seeing… Take care my friend. Still getting multiple emails for one post. Just thought I would let you know. No big thing for me.

    1. I thought we had the multiple emails fixed. I’m sorry that has continued. We’re using a plug-in for that feature.

      I”ll look at other plugins, this one clearly has issues.

  2. Fabulous scenery; looking at your photos, I realized that I still carry my first experience of rounding the “entrance” into a fjord. I was on a large ferry boat, I can only imagine the impact would be so much greater in a smaller vessel.

  3. Wonderful scenery, I can “hear” the peace and quiet, good for the soul!
    Sorry to hear about the technical troubles, a nuisance, but I’m sure you’ll get them all sorted. Enjoy the trip, it sounds wonderful!

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