An Unending Month

Feb 1, 2018, Port Townsend, WA – January was the longest month I remember in my entire life. Longer than months when I was a small child slogging through the school year waiting for summer vacation.

It was a month of unexpected travel, traversing the country and working on non-boat projects. It was also a month full of activities and friends: an unexpected sailor on his way to pickup replacement boat parts and a medieval music performance in a Victorian church in a Victorian Seaport. Continue reading “An Unending Month”

Five weeks on the hard in Port Townsend’s Boat Haven

Rather than the write book that is the five weeks in Port Townsend’s Boat Haven, here is a gallery of pictures. Much of what was done wasn’t photographed, so I guess the book is on the way.

Caro Babbo is due to go back into the water tomorrow – we’re on standby. And then to be sailed back to Lake union on the weekend. There is no mass transit in Jefferson County on Sundays, so we’ll be in Seattle until Monday.

There is still much work to be done: replacing coolant hoses, installed new fuel filter, replacing heater fan, to name three. Continue reading “Five weeks on the hard in Port Townsend’s Boat Haven”

Time shrinks, projects complete

The number of discrete projects finding completion continues.

In the last two days all of the electronics installation was completed, the color coat was painted on the dinghy, the dinghy centerboard well repaired and the stove installed. Continue reading “Time shrinks, projects complete”

Traps 1, Rats 0, Varnishing is complete, Cushions moving ahead

Thursday when I arrived at the boat to start work, a bag of lentils had been torn open: the rat(s) had returned. Before leaving at the end of the day I set a trap covered in lentils.

Friday the trap was missing; Continue reading “Traps 1, Rats 0, Varnishing is complete, Cushions moving ahead”

Status: Of Rats and solar panels, VHF and AIS, Impellers and Torque specs

It’s been a very busy few days. Formal posts are stacked up waiting to be finished. This is just a quick status: Continue reading “Status: Of Rats and solar panels, VHF and AIS, Impellers and Torque specs”

New Flexible Water Tank Installed – At Long Last

I installed the 150L size under the starboard settee to match the same model under the port settee.

By now I quietly acknowledge that my ability to predict the elapsed time to complete a job is woefully inadequate. Rather than quickly knocking off Continue reading “New Flexible Water Tank Installed – At Long Last”

Kerosene Stove (Paraffin Cooker): Why would we ever buy one?

The decision to buy a kerosene stove, rather than the more typical propane stove, is mine alone. Jennifer has no responsibility in the decision and trusts me to make the right one.

The original goal, which we will not achieve, was to have a single-fuel boat. Continue reading “Kerosene Stove (Paraffin Cooker): Why would we ever buy one?”

How much insurance to ship Taylors stove?

How much would I like to insure it for? This can effect import duty.

How much is the import duty on a used Kerosene stove made in the UK?

John assures me the stove will not ship until I am ready to receive it.

BTW Can I send the rest of the money? Yes, of course.

Actual import duty… Zip. We’ll insure for the full amount, which is 2%.

(Do 1 in 50 packages really need an insurance claim filed?)