An Unending Month

Feb 1, 2018, Port Townsend, WA – January was the longest month I remember in my entire life. Longer than months when I was a small child slogging through the school year waiting for summer vacation.

It was a month of unexpected travel, traversing the country and working on non-boat projects. It was also a month full of activities and friends: an unexpected sailor on his way to pickup replacement boat parts and a medieval music performance in a Victorian church in a Victorian Seaport. Continue reading “An Unending Month”

Many a slip ’twixt the dock and the ship

5-JAN-2018, Lake Union, Seattle, Wa – Standing fully clothed, soaking wet in the cockpit of CaroBabbo at the dock in Lake Union, Jennifer said, “Would you like to take a picture of me?”

Jennifer always has more sense than I have, but I merely said, “no.”

Instead, a few hours later I took this picture:

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Some electronic issues

The AIS has been signaling errors. I noticed this yesterday. The light on the unit is moving between red (possibly orange) and green.

We’re seeing the RSSI numbers move from high -90s to -60s on both channels (A and B) but generally it is B that has the problem. We receive oaky, but may be having trouble transmitting.

This could be an antenna problem, or a unit problem. I lean towards the unit because nothing that a I know of physically has changed and the unit has worked well the entire trip so far.
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Pudgy Comes Homes, Dehumidifier is a fire hazard

Last week, our friends Jeff Storm and Kimberly Lindberg towed our Pudgy home for us.

Their trip was not uneventful with an engine overheating, and a very long wait for the locks in both directions.

But, they brought the Pudgy to our slip, where it is safe and sound.

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Status, statistics, and did anything not break?

1-OCT-2016 – It’s easiest to answer the last item first. Yes, a number of things did not break. None of the standing rigging had any sort of failure (the standing rigging is what holds up the mast). After that it becomes a little more difficult to think of something, None of us, personally, were injured or became ill, nor did any of our guests, so the human factor held up well. Continue reading “Status, statistics, and did anything not break?”

Time shrinks, projects complete

The number of discrete projects finding completion continues.

In the last two days all of the electronics installation was completed, the color coat was painted on the dinghy, the dinghy centerboard well repaired and the stove installed. Continue reading “Time shrinks, projects complete”

The pace picks up

Yesterday morning I ordered three items: More AAA rechargeable batteries — we have more and more things that need those — the wrench Terry Etapa suggested to complete the reassembly of the head panels and trim, and a pair of MC4 solar panel parallel connectors. They arrived later the same day.

And so it feels about this project, Continue reading “The pace picks up”

A penny for your fuse box, and much ado about nothing, with a very large downside

Very busy, full productive days, and yet at the end of each, there is always the question, ‘‘what got done today?’’

Electrical has been the main item of effort.

I’ve had the fuse box open while I sorted out an intermittent connection. As these things often go, the main feed touched a ground: a sparking sound, a burst of light and then a blown fuse. Continue reading “A penny for your fuse box, and much ado about nothing, with a very large downside”

Status: Of Rats and solar panels, VHF and AIS, Impellers and Torque specs

It’s been a very busy few days. Formal posts are stacked up waiting to be finished. This is just a quick status: Continue reading “Status: Of Rats and solar panels, VHF and AIS, Impellers and Torque specs”