Shearwater, weather and new Hilary shows her face

25-MAY-2017, Shearwater, BC – It has been busy, and when it is not we haven’t had internet access.

There has been weather… terrible forecasts, but not too terribly bad on the ‘‘inside’’ where we sail. Though on Tuesday we came into Shearwater with a host of there boats to wait out the weather. Needless to say, the bad weather dissipated and was not as bad as expected for as long.

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Small Inlet, Johnstone Strait, Hilary, Two Whales Feeding and things that work

17-MAY-2017, Johnstone Strait – Yesterday morning we had two conflicting weather reports. Environment Canada said wind on the nose up Straits of Georgia and in to Johnstone Strait.

Our GRIB files said four knots the entire day.

The Strait outside Campbell river was flat and calm. As we made our decision to leave all 100 feet of Discovery, who was docked across the finger dock from us, powered up.

The night had been a real windstorm with moments of driving rain. When on an anchor, the boat general points into the wind. The portion of the cockpit in the dodger’s wind shadow stays dry. Continue reading “Small Inlet, Johnstone Strait, Hilary, Two Whales Feeding and things that work”

Waiting for weather

15-MAY-2017, Campbell River – I’m sure we’ve done this before, but it is rare: We’re thinking of staying put to wait out the weather.

We came to Campbell River yesterday from Manson’s Landing.

Just before we left, another visiting boat docked in the float plane berth. They had just come from the marina at Gorge Harbour with a glowing review: affordable with complete access to the resort there including hot tub and swimming pool. Continue reading “Waiting for weather”

Manson’s Landing, BC, Being alone and Post-apocalyptic Derelicts

14-MAY-2017, Manson’s Landing, BC – Given that it is a weekend and Mother’s day at that, we expected that the dock here would be crowded with visitors. As we approached, we saw it was in fact full with some boats rafted. But there in the midst was a space about 35 feet long that Jennifer can dock in.

Jennifer enjoys these tight dockings now. She has the skill and rides the adrenalin rush that comes with single-shot dockings. Hit the space with enough forward motion for steerage, come in to the dock at close to a 90-degree angle, rotate around the keel pivot point while turning, easing the side of the boat close enough for me to step off, then power into reverse to stop Caro Babbo without me having to apply braking from the dock. Continue reading “Manson’s Landing, BC, Being alone and Post-apocalyptic Derelicts”

Smooth Sailing – Docking most nights

This trip is very different than last year’s in many ways.

Until today, we’ve had great sailing – today is very calm despite initial forecasts of 25 to 35 knot winds.

Yesterday we sailed from Nanaimo to Ford’s Cove on Hornby Island. We ran before the wind almost the entire way, averaging something over 6 knots. We’re practiced now. We don’t feel unwarranted risk when do things, and we don’t second guess our decisions. Continue reading “Smooth Sailing – Docking most nights”

Conover Cove – a status.

We’re quietly docked in Conover Cove. The cove is known for its impossibility of getting a spot on the dock, but we have a place as we did when we were here last September. The difference this time is that the dock did not fill up – It’s May and the weather is not pleasant – Cool and raining.

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Welcome to Canada, Howdy from Galveston

Hilary continues to be the center of concern and both emotional and physical energies. The psychosis is, to use the vernacular, crazy. But, I think we will cope and make our trip. Whether to have guests join us will be the question we will ponder (and after reading this, potential guests will ponder as well).
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We’re on our way, Hilary and Taylors Stove Redux

My apologies for not posting in sometime. It has all been heads down while we raced to get away.

We finally left Port Townsend this past Friday about 2pm.

The Port Townsend house is rented, the lower shrouds are installed, the rig tuned and new burners installed. Continue reading “We’re on our way, Hilary and Taylors Stove Redux”