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On April 12, 2018, we left for our third and last Alaska trip before planning a trip southward in 2019.

For the last year we divvied up our time amongst Atlanta, Phoenix, Port Townsend and Caro Babbo. This year there were fewer must-do activities but things that we wanted to have a year’s experience with, like digital radar and a new auto helm, before heading offshore need to wait. While in previous years, boat maintenance and improvements took months of work, this year it was shore-side responsibilities that took our time: money still doesn’t come for free – though we’re working on that. This year, it is just Jennifer and John after three years of sailing with Hilary. Yep, the first of the month slipped away, but we are on our voyage.

Our second South East Alaska adventure started the 8th of May, 2017We headed north again, with less speed and less breakdowns than the year before. We did not make it to Haida Gwaii. Hilary took more resources, physical and psychological than we expected, so it just wasn’t in the cards. We made new friends and saw a number of our friends from the previous year, which made the experience very much like returning home.

We returned home early because the burden became more than we were enjoying in 100 sq ft.

In the months before our trip, our blogging was about prepping for the trip. Preparation was expensive. We spent more than the initial cost of the boat between Jan 1 and April 15th for such things as a new suit of sails, a water maker, copper coating the hull and five weeks in an expensive boat yard.

The new suit of sails from Jim Kitchen is great, as we hoped, changing the helm from lee to weather. We can’t say enough good about having a water maker, and the copper coat seemed to work as promised. We did not buy a wet suit and wish we had one onboard. We didn’t need it on this trip, but it would have been nice to have.

The trip thread starts here, scroll backward to read about our prep, forward to follow the trip.

Our 2016 Alaska Adventure began on April 15th 2016. We ran and continue to run various blog streams including cruising, food preparation focusing on preservation, and sailing with Alzheimers.

On September 15th 2016, we completed our Alaska Adventure when we arrived at our home berth on Seattle’s Lake Union.

We’ll continue to post about that trip, people we’ve met and finish incomplete posts. We’ll also post about Caro Babbo, our new sailing adventures and the continuous maintenance any sailing vessel requires.

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