Back on Caro Babbo; Purchases start arriving

I wonder whether this annual buying spree will ever end.

In the last few days bunch of things have arrived. Today, a waterproof tablet arrived and graphics for the dinghy and for CaroBabbo.

I knew there was some sort of screwup at boat US when my contact there called to make sure that I had not placed my order twice, intentionally. Apparently, the double order wasn’t caught until after the graphics were cut: Ron didn’t charge me for the double order, and he was nice enough to send me everything. Continue reading “Back on Caro Babbo; Purchases start arriving”

Paducah, Kentucky

6-MAR-2018, Interstate 24, heading west – Paducah Kentucky is a long way from Caro Babbo, but not too far away to spend money.

Jennifer closed on one of Hilary’s houses this week, and signed all the paperwork for the second closing, so we needn’t return for it.

We’re riding in a Budget 12-foot box truck, driving some of Hilary’s belongings up to Port Townsend.

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Caro Babbo Youtube Channel? I say no, no, no *

27-FEB-2017, Jet Blue flight 598, SEA-BOS – There will be no Caro Babbo Youtube channel for the few people who asked for one, and for everyone who didn’t.

I did want one. As a narrative mechanism, videos are a great contrast to written words. There are two major, equal holdbacks: The amount of effort to edit a video and the amount of video content that must be captured to generate a good video episode. Continue reading “Caro Babbo Youtube Channel? I say no, no, no *”

The Less I write, the More I must write

Lee’s Landing Marina, Lake Union, Seattle, WA USA, 22-FEB-2018 – One of the faults I’m least proud of is falling out of touch with friends. I stay in touch with friends generally by writing to them. In this world of instant written communications, a phone call has become too intrusive, and by corollary Skype, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger. So writing is the method through I use to keep in touch with friends.

Keeping in touch with friends is important. When I am overdue to communicate with friends, whether to initiate a written exchange, or respond to a message, I put myself into a spiral: it has been a while since I have written, therefore I can’t write something small. I need to write something that has taken some effort to make up for the amount of time that has passed. But, the amount of time to be put aside never appears, and the amount of effort that should be put into the correspondence grows, and along with it the amount of time necessary to expend that effort.

Recently, this blog is fallen into this trap, only more convoluted. Because, excessively long blog posts are not good either.

So please accept my apologies for the amount of time since the last post and either the large number of things that I leave out of this blog, or its excessive length because of the number of things that I do include.
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One hour per minute: turning two lines into one

5-FEB-2018, Port Townsend, WA – Premium Ropes has some very good videos on splicing. They are my go-to place for videos.

Last spring, while the mast was down, I replaced all the sheaves in the masthead, cut a new opening for an additional headsail halyard. I also installed a messenger line so that when the halyard was complete I could merely pull it up and through.

The messenger line turned out to be less than a great idea: if I had installed the halyard relatively quickly, let’s say within two months, it would have worked out quite well. Instead, we went sailing across the summer in all kinds of weather. The messenger line jumped out of the sheave and wedged itself between the sheave and the masthead casting. Oh well. Continue reading “One hour per minute: turning two lines into one”

Why haven’t we been posting?

9-DEC-2017, Decatur, GA (Atlanta Metro Area) – Working on houses here in Atlanta is just the same as working on boats in preparation for a trip.

While working on the Willivee house, which is my residence, has been an all-consuming heads down run, it does not leave time for writing. I have another nine days here, and like any major project, whether it be a boat, a software suite or a marketing push, towards the end, the large pieces have taken their form and in the final weeks and begin to look like what they were envisioned to be. Continue reading “Why haven’t we been posting?”

Leaving Wrangle

4-AUG-2017, Wrangle, AK – A quick status on this and that: Hilary is requiring more and more energy, both physical and emotional. Aside from some flares up between Jennifer and me, which are never related to Hilary, the only impact has been on blogging. I’m sorry.

The weather has turned into San Diego weather, hooray.

As I write this Jennifer has discovered we need to leave, NOW, in order to make a current change.

We’re good, the weather is fine and the stove is working again… Clogged fuel lines, of all things. Many, many great pictures to post.

Small Inlet, Johnstone Strait, Hilary, Two Whales Feeding and things that work

17-MAY-2017, Johnstone Strait – Yesterday morning we had two conflicting weather reports. Environment Canada said wind on the nose up Straits of Georgia and in to Johnstone Strait.

Our GRIB files said four knots the entire day.

The Strait outside Campbell river was flat and calm. As we made our decision to leave all 100 feet of Discovery, who was docked across the finger dock from us, powered up.

The night had been a real windstorm with moments of driving rain. When on an anchor, the boat general points into the wind. The portion of the cockpit in the dodger’s wind shadow stays dry. Continue reading “Small Inlet, Johnstone Strait, Hilary, Two Whales Feeding and things that work”

We’re on our way, Hilary and Taylors Stove Redux

My apologies for not posting in sometime. It has all been heads down while we raced to get away.

We finally left Port Townsend this past Friday about 2pm.

The Port Townsend house is rented, the lower shrouds are installed, the rig tuned and new burners installed. Continue reading “We’re on our way, Hilary and Taylors Stove Redux”

Push the button, the engine starts. What’s so strange about that?

Or simple pleasures…

A little more than two years ago, I started having trouble getting the engine to start if it sat more than three days.

To remedy the problem, I made sure I started it more often than than that. When went our three week trip up the west side of Vancouver Island that year, it was never a problem: we never went that long without starting the engine. Continue reading “Push the button, the engine starts. What’s so strange about that?”