Pudgy Comes Homes, Dehumidifier is a fire hazard

Last week, our friends Jeff Storm and Kimberly Lindberg towed our Pudgy home for us.

Their trip was not uneventful with an engine overheating, and a very long wait for the locks in both directions.

But, they brought the Pudgy to our slip, where it is safe and sound.

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Being Back, Vodka Truth Serum, and Adjusting

It is very good being back, though the noise of a city was assaulting and being afloat but not being on the hook was and is confusing. Continue reading “Being Back, Vodka Truth Serum, and Adjusting”

Status: More air-freighted engine parts, more new friends.

Friday June 3rd – It’s 46°F in Ketchikan; Hilary wakes up and comments occasionally; Jennifer arrived in Providence five hours ago; 18 hours ago I ordered more engine parts, this time from Seattle. Caro Babbo strains on her dock lines against the 25kn winds that blast through the harbor. Continue reading “Status: More air-freighted engine parts, more new friends.”

Quick Status – Prince Rupert

Part two is coming.

We’re in Prince Rupert, where we met up with two other boats we’ve met previously. For the first time since leaving Seattle, we went out to a restaurant with Ray of Truce (http://Truce.nz), and Linda and Ian of Coast Pilot. Continue reading “Quick Status – Prince Rupert”

We’re back in Seattle

We’re back in Seattle from our month in Phoenix. This week starts the push towards April 15th.

I received notice this morning (the 29th) that the stove has been scheduled for pickup in the UK, Continue reading “We’re back in Seattle”

Kickoff Post

The Caro Babbo website is up, and empty.

We are defining categories and tags, trying to put together a menu tree and deciding what will be worthy of posting, and what will be the frequency of posts.

The three main topics explain the goal: Trips we make, food we make and sailing with Alzheimers. Though not currently a category, most time and effort is currently spent refurbishing and upgrading Caro Babbo. We have many months of effort and roughly $15K in so far, and this is only simple things like varnish, wall covering, cushions and the like.

Where does all that money go? We keep a complete set of accounting books for Caro Babbo, so we know where all that money did go. We try not to look at the P&L.

In the coming weeks we’ll spend over $6K on a lifeboat dinghy and a Taylors Stove. The real money is only beginning. New sails and electronics. including AIS are yet to come.