Order Placed for Taylors (no apostrophe) Cooker and a Lotta Stripping

This morning I sent John Gardner and Cat £500 as a deposit on the Taylors 030 Stove and Oven.

Taylors model 030 kersosene stove and oven (parafin cooker)
Taylors model 030 kersosene stove and oven (parafin cooker)

It will be here some time in March… Jennifer and I will be gone for all of February, so that is the earliest we can take delivery.


When I tore apart the head, Continue reading “Order Placed for Taylors (no apostrophe) Cooker and a Lotta Stripping”

Finding other Maxis, choosing an AIS and lightning fast response.

I keep a google alert for ‘‘Maxi 95.’’ Yesterday it turned up ‘‘maxi95junk.wordpress.com.’’ Someone in Norway who has bought an old, motor-less, rig-less 95 for less than $5000 delivered.

I’ve been in contact with the site and boat owner, who will join the Maxi Facebook Maxi 95 Owners group.

I also found Continue reading “Finding other Maxis, choosing an AIS and lightning fast response.”

A short day of small projects

Storing items for projects on Caro Babbo has been and continues to be an issue. This is especially true with small parts.

Generally, I keep a cache of small parts someplace very visible. As the projects that require  the parts go to completion, the parts are used, and the cache remains at a level that reflects the ongoing projects.

This heuristic hasn’t worked on the boat Continue reading “A short day of small projects”

Caro Babbo, I completed…

I replaced the shelf on top of the stainless steel water tank.

Original shelf
Original Interior plywood shelf

This allowed me to look at more of my options for routing the filler house over to the water bladder we’ll installed under the starboard setee. It would be a long convoluted route, so for the moment we may just bring the Continue reading “Caro Babbo, I completed…”

Caro Babbo work today

The weather forecasts no rain today in Seattle, so if everything plays out correctly, I’ll ride my bike to the boat. It is 12 miles each way, so it is a nice ride. The problem this time of year is that it gets dark by 4.30, so riding home is something I often need to forego.

Getting the bike home becomes a problem. I haven’t started mounting it on the front of the bus, which can be a problem in any case at rush hour.

The engine is starting well using the Dickenson diesel heater pump as a lift Continue reading “Caro Babbo work today”

Kickoff Post

The Caro Babbo website is up, and empty.

We are defining categories and tags, trying to put together a menu tree and deciding what will be worthy of posting, and what will be the frequency of posts.

The three main topics explain the goal: Trips we make, food we make and sailing with Alzheimers. Though not currently a category, most time and effort is currently spent refurbishing and upgrading Caro Babbo. We have many months of effort and roughly $15K in so far, and this is only simple things like varnish, wall covering, cushions and the like.

Where does all that money go? We keep a complete set of accounting books for Caro Babbo, so we know where all that money did go. We try not to look at the P&L.

In the coming weeks we’ll spend over $6K on a lifeboat dinghy and a Taylors Stove. The real money is only beginning. New sails and electronics. including AIS are yet to come.