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The weather forecasts no rain today in Seattle, so if everything plays out correctly, I’ll ride my bike to the boat. It is 12 miles each way, so it is a nice ride. The problem this time of year is that it gets dark by 4.30, so riding home is something I often need to forego.

Getting the bike home becomes a problem. I haven’t started mounting it on the front of the bus, which can be a problem in any case at rush hour.

The engine is starting well using the Dickenson diesel heater pump as a lift pump, but this a temporary measure. The mechanical lift pump has stopped working. The original thought was to replace it with an electrical, but I am returning to the idea of replacing the mechanical pump.

There do not seem to be any rebuild kits available for it. Emails to dealers have not been answered. I should call directly.

Today, I must figure out how to run pumbing to the second water bladder I want to install on the starboard side. The boat lists to port because of the 150 litres of water stored there. This will remove any storage under that berth.

If the weather stays clear I must rebed the starboard midship cleat that I added in the summer. It leaks profusely into the hanging locker. At some point I need to reroute all the hoses and wires that run through the bottom of the locker before the bladder is installer. 1) They shouldn’t be in the bottom where everything lays on them, 2) the holes punched in the bulkhead are at the bottom, so any water in the bottom of the hanging locker runs forward.

The sole major piece of work schedule is inspecting the through hull for the black water. The stopcock does not seal completely. I believe it is because the ball valve is not lining up properly, and that this can be remedied simply by rotating the valve correctly. Otherwise the whole thing must be replaced. 🙁

Finally, if time permits, I will vist the plastics store on 34th to see about plexiglass to make drop boards for the main companionway.

Unlilkely I will get all of this done.

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One-third owner of Caro Babbo, co-captain and in command whenever Caro Babbo is under sail.

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