Caro Babbo, I completed…

I replaced the shelf on top of the stainless steel water tank.

Original shelf
Original Interior plywood shelf

This allowed me to look at more of my options for routing the filler house over to the water bladder we’ll installed under the starboard setee. It would be a long convoluted route, so for the moment we may just bring the hose into the cabin and fill it directly.

New Plywood Shelf
The new plywood shelf made from exterior sheathing.

I still have to route the half-inch line from the bladder. Adding the 150 litre bladder will balance the boat so that it does not list to port when the port side water bladder is full.

I worked on the starboard midships spring cleat. There is a visible gap in the 3M 4000 sealant that I installed. At first look, it seemed that I had

Look for black section in caulking: water leaked in there.
Look for black section in caulking: water leaked in there.

pulled out some of the sealant when I was removing the masking tape as part of the clean up after the installation.  But, on closer examination, it just looks like I did a poor job.

A Portland Pudgy will fit on the foredeck if I replace the baby stay with two forestays. Now we must really make a decisiom about whether to pay the nearly $3k for the boat.

I also started wiring additional lights in the ” basement.”

I removed the black water hose with the through hull. No amount of positioning the handle (which rotates the ball in the valve) would make the valve stop leaking. It will need to be replaced, which I will do when I return in March.

The new black water holding tank uses a gravity drain rather than needing to be pumped out. It is likely, therefore, that the valve has always leaked and was defectively manufactured, without us being able to tell, because rather the effluent needed to be pumped out .



Defective through hull
Defective through hull valve
A 1-1/2 inch bronze valve.
A 1-1/2 inch bronze valve.

Finally, I found that the connections to the hot water tank continue to leak… very slowly.

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