Trip over, Caro Babbo is in her slip.

Port Townsend, WA, 7-SEP-2017 – This year’s trip is over. Caro Babbo is in her slip at Lee’s landing. Jennifer, Hilary and I are back in Port Townsend for the next few weeks before we start our fall travels: We’ll spend most of the fall at my residence in Atlanta, with time in Phoenix, New York and, for Jennifer, Berlin. Continue reading “Trip over, Caro Babbo is in her slip.”

Cooking in Meyer’s Chuck

6-AUG-2017, Meyer’s Chuck, AK – I get asked often about what we eat aboard, about what we eat and what we cook when we’re ashore.
We don’t use prepared foods, including bread, and on board we have no refrigeration – though we occasionally buy ice. The ice allows us to have fresh meat and fish until it melts. (It is worth mentioning that even fresh meat and fish will keep for a few days without refrigeration – Remember the Ben Franklin quote about guests and fish, both stink after three days.)
I’m working on a ‘‘simplest’’ bread video for our friend Heath, which I’ll post on YouTube in a day or two. I also outlined a 13-part cooking show, which I abandoned as too much like work. Perhaps I’ll dust it off.
At Jennifer’s urging I’ve started to keep a food journal so that we can go back to things that I’ve cooked that we both liked. Continue reading “Cooking in Meyer’s Chuck”

In Petersburg

2-AUG-2107 , Petersburg, AK – Quick status. Full posts from Wrangle when we get there this afternoon.

We arrived in Petersburg, AK yesterday. It was sunny ALL DAY and is sunny this morning. This, we believe is the first time we have had two sunny days in a row on the trip. We also suspect that yesterday was the first full sunny day of the trip. Continue reading “In Petersburg”

Weather comes ashore, fish processing, I know Ingmar!

May 17th, 2016

It is 6.25 AM. Jennifer and Hilary are sleeping.

Jennifer was up with me at 5.30 discussing whether to leave then. We looked at the tide and realized that there is not enough water for us to make it through the passage we used to enter this small pool of water. In two hours there will be enough.

A problem is a storm moving that will bring 40 knot winds into the open water near by. If we stay ‘‘inside,’’ the high hills and island will hide us from the wind, but there is one place where we may be exposed to the waves.

When Jennifer wakes up, around 7.30, we’ll discuss this. Continue reading “Weather comes ashore, fish processing, I know Ingmar!”

Sailing with Hilary

Today is not an atypical day. We’re sailing at 3 knots, the sky is overcast with rain predicted.

Hilary, after eating breakfast, told me that the beauty that surrounds us in the Malaspina Strait was so difficult to express that it hurt in her chest. Jennifer, down below planning our passage through the upcoming rapids, heard this and arrived with three stuffed animals that Hilary is enchanted with, distracting her from her pain. Continue reading “Sailing with Hilary”

The Correct Balance, a Recalcitrant Engine and a Dinghy that Leaks.

Monday we stayed in Friday Harbor, visited with the owner of a Maxi 100 (our boat converted to a motorsailer), went whale watching

Two Oracs we saw while watching on Captain Dennis’ boat.
Two Oracs we saw while watching on Captain Dennis’ boat.

and joined our  friend Dennis for dinner aboard his Pacemaker 26 sailboat.

A Maxi 100: A 95v with a different deck mold to be a motorsailerand other changes to lessen production costs.
A Maxi 100: A 95 with a different deck mold to be a motorsailer and other changes to lessen production costs.

Amongst Dennis, Jennifer and I, two bottles of wine, a round of mescal and a beer or two disappeared (Hilary drinks cranberry juice in a wine glass). At times like those, the conversation often wanders, and did, to living life. Continue reading “The Correct Balance, a Recalcitrant Engine and a Dinghy that Leaks.”