In Petersburg

2-AUG-2107 , Petersburg, AK – Quick status. Full posts from Wrangle when we get there this afternoon.

We arrived in Petersburg, AK yesterday. It was sunny ALL DAY and is sunny this morning. This, we believe is the first time we have had two sunny days in a row on the trip. We also suspect that yesterday was the first full sunny day of the trip.

We saw Chuck and Laura from LeaLea. They are still rebuilding the interior, but both look good.

The crew at the harbor master office remembered us, which is always nice.

Look for full posts tomorrow, included the amazing land between Skagway and Whitehorse.

Oh yeah, both burners on the stove have stopped working. Looking at the design, I’m wondering if these are not designed to be consumables.I’ll be contacting a few people by email tomorrow.

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