Mac comes back to life, 12-Volt Adapter dies, Depth Sounder Packs up

22-JUL-2017 Echo Cove, AK – Electronics on a boat oftentimes act differently than ashore.

We’ll be in Auke Bay, which is part of Juneau, tomorrow so I can pick up the shipping container to send my Mac back to Apple for repair – except that I am writing this on my Mac.

Yesterday, just to be sure that the mac had not come back to life, I connected it to its power supply and it powered up. The date and time had been forgotten, which indicated to me that the battery had discharged enough that the dynamic memory in the firmare reset. There was some Vulcan death grip the Apple had me perform to do the same things that had no effect. Time heals all wounds.

However, in a ying and yang world, our 12-volt power adapter has stopped working, as has our digital multi-meter meaning I can’t debug the power adapter problem. I suspect it is the plug that connects to the laptop. I’ve replaced it before.

Our AIS is working well again. We have not been rained on in three whole days, so it may be related to that. It is raining as I write this.

We’ll have internet again late today and I want to write about the amazing Yukon, also fill in the blanks about where we’ve been, what we’ve done and who we’ve met.

I also have three or four posts that are finished but not published. I’ll try to get those up as well.


I wrote the above just before we raised the anchor. We motored most of the way, but sailed part of it. Echo Cove can only be accessed at ‘‘half tide’’ or above. The bar at the entrance pretty much dries out, with three or so feet left for local outboards to zoom through.

A depth sounder (fathometer is term we’ve heard lately), is quite necessary. Three-quarters of the way to Juneau’s Auke Bay, our depth sounder stopped working. In reflection, it had started having problems weeks ago that required reseting the device; we should have known.

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