A short day of small projects

Storing items for projects on Caro Babbo has been and continues to be an issue. This is especially true with small parts.

Generally, I keep a cache of small parts someplace very visible. As the projects that require  the parts go to completion, the parts are used, and the cache remains at a level that reflects the ongoing projects.

This heuristic hasn’t worked on the boat because of the breakfasts we make for our marina most Sundays: A significant and very frustrating time was spent looking for the quick release pins for the Sailomat 3040 windvane.


I stored the pins with the parts to make the leashes for them. Very quickly I found the parts, but not the pins. I eventually discovered the pins in a safe place with a second set for parts. (I bought a second set previously when I could not find the nico press collars and thimbles to make the leashes.)

The day ended up successfully completing the tasks set for the limited time available:

  • Install the new replacement shelf above the water tank
  • Install additional lights in the ”basement”
  • Move all the cabin up and down lights to a single switch
  • Confirm the leak at the starboard spring line cleat has been repaired. Yay!

The next small project is to put leashes on the windvane oar and rudder.

The next large project is to take off the door and wall on the head so that I can route and replace plumbing, including plumbing for a sump pump for the shower. The sump pump will pump gray shower water directly over  the side rather than allowing the shower to drain into the bilge.

To remove the wall, the headliner trim and some of the headliner must be removed, so I’ll redo some wiring as long as I’m there. (This includes removing the short cut that allows a small solar panel to keep the cranking battery topped off.)

BTW, the material overhead in the cabin is called a head liner, just like in car. The material that lines a hull in a traditionally-built boat is called the ceiling. I don’t know why, since ceiling comes from the word meaning heaven.

Stay tuned.

Author: johnjuliano

One-third owner of Caro Babbo, co-captain and in command whenever Caro Babbo is under sail.

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