Waiting for weather

15-MAY-2017, Campbell River – I’m sure we’ve done this before, but it is rare: We’re thinking of staying put to wait out the weather.

We came to Campbell River yesterday from Manson’s Landing.

Just before we left, another visiting boat docked in the float plane berth. They had just come from the marina at Gorge Harbour with a glowing review: affordable with complete access to the resort there including hot tub and swimming pool.

Jennifer suggested that we go there instead, or before Campbell River, but we had told Joe Myer that we were coming and we said we were going to keep going north. We planned to stay in Campbell River where we would get some small amount of necessary shopping done rather than wait until Port McNeil.

I would also do some boat work while Jennifer and Hilary were out and about.

We saw Joe yesterday afternoon. The weather was wonderful and we spent about four hours together discussing Maxi 95s, diet and health. Joe is, I think, about seven years older than me, but looks several years younger.

He has switched to a Paleo diet, which moved him from bring a vegetarian to a meat eater. He is paying particular attention to foods that cause inflammation – variations in insulin level are said to be particular inflammation igniters.

Joe brought with him a six-pack of beer and a bottle of red wine, though he does not drink alcohol. (We served him some alcohol-free Chardonnay, which he drank like a man – we did not taste it first, so he may have shown great bravery.)

He also brought a loaf of ‘‘bread.’’ It was made primarily of nuts and seeds with eggs to bind it together. It was and is fantastic. It does not try to be bread and doesn’t resort to xanthan gum and other things to simulate gluten. We ate it straight with Joe and with cashew butter and peanut butter for lunch today.

Today, it rain off and on, and blew like the dickens – 15 to 35 knots from the south.

Tomorrow promises to blow 5 to 15 from the north, which is a problem in that the wind will be against the current while we try to get north to Seymour Narrows and beyond.

We may sit tight.

With the inclement weather today, Jennifer and Hilary did not leave so work in the basement did not happen; open work in the basement with all the bins on the settees didn’t seem viable and wasn’t attempted.

We planned to walk to shopping as trio, but Hilary was having none of it – high winds and chilly air was not something Hilary was prepared to suffer. And she did not.

I made three trips to carry back ice, milk, propane bottles (to preheat the stove until the replacement alcohol cups arrive) and other non-essentials, but diserables. I forwent a haircut, but did buy a pump to extract oil from the crankcase with can also be used to pressurize the fuel system to look for leaks.

The wind continues to howl, but we have a very fast internet connection, so we’ll watch Saturday night’s SNL before turning in.

We have until 8 am to make a decision about whether we’re leaving. Space on the dock is expensive at $1.60/ft CDN, so we don’t want to stay long, and we both feel the trip really hasn’t started yet, this far south.

Mañana we make the decision whether to stay or go*

* Apologies to the Clash.

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