Manson’s Landing, BC, Being alone and Post-apocalyptic Derelicts

14-MAY-2017, Manson’s Landing, BC – Given that it is a weekend and Mother’s day at that, we expected that the dock here would be crowded with visitors. As we approached, we saw it was in fact full with some boats rafted. But there in the midst was a space about 35 feet long that Jennifer can dock in.

Jennifer enjoys these tight dockings now. She has the skill and rides the adrenalin rush that comes with single-shot dockings. Hit the space with enough forward motion for steerage, come in to the dock at close to a 90-degree angle, rotate around the keel pivot point while turning, easing the side of the boat close enough for me to step off, then power into reverse to stop Caro Babbo without me having to apply braking from the dock. Continue reading “Manson’s Landing, BC, Being alone and Post-apocalyptic Derelicts”