Some electronic issues

The AIS has been signaling errors. I noticed this yesterday. The light on the unit is moving between red (possibly orange) and green.

We’re seeing the RSSI numbers move from high -90s to -60s on both channels (A and B) but generally it is B that has the problem. We receive oaky, but may be having trouble transmitting.

This could be an antenna problem, or a unit problem. I lean towards the unit because nothing that a I know of physically has changed and the unit has worked well the entire trip so far.

Later this morning I’ll empty the ‘‘basement’’ and look at the physical connection. Perhaps something shifted and is putting pressure on the antenna lead, though from what I can see, everything looks fine.

We’ll also replace two of the three house batteries today. One has a bad cell and the other reads low with a hydrometer.

The weather continues to be unpleasant. It did not rain much yesterday, but it is raining heavily without a break today.

Jennifer is out renting a car right now. We’ll use it for buying the batteries, groceries and we’ll do some sightseeing. Jennifer likes these car trips.

Vesper, the maker of the AIS unit has not responded to a support request so far, which is annoying.

Yesterday, Sara from the harbor master’s office and her boyfriend Dylan (sp?) came by to look at Caro Babbo. We had a very nice time. They have two sailboats, a ChrisCraft 32′ Cherokee, and the forty-something foot they are redoing in preparation to move on board. I learned a few things from Dylan.

We enjoyed the time together.

We decided to watch some movies in the evening. At the Salvation Army Family Store Jennifer picked up Lonesome Dove. We made it through one and half episodes before Hilary became unmanageable. Not bad. We decided that it was time for bed (it was about 10.30, much later than we normally stay up). While Hilary was adamantly against going to bed, once we turned off the lights she settled in and was asleep shortly.

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