Traps 1, Rats 0, Varnishing is complete, Cushions moving ahead

Thursday when I arrived at the boat to start work, a bag of lentils had been torn open: the rat(s) had returned. Before leaving at the end of the day I set a trap covered in lentils.

Friday the trap was missing;always a bit of a heart stopper and always puzzling, but always the trap is near by, generally, but not always with a dead rat in it, as was the case this time. It is important to me that the animal die quickly and it had. The rat was just being itself in the wrong place; no fault of its own.

I set a second trap, and in the process of covering it with lentils, I learned how sensitive the trigger is. I had heard that it would break a finger: no, just a blood blister under my left ring finger nail.

With the valve cover installed, the engine started first try, and after disassembling and reassembling the raw water pump (why was this necessary?), water ran through the exhaust as it should.

All is happy in engine land, but the #7 bolt torque mystery remains unsolved.

By midnight, Friday the last coat of the brightwork varnishing was complete, missed spots notwithstanding.

The varnish was still too soft this morning (Saturday) to start putting the head (bathroom) back together. Once it is, we move onto fun electronics and replacing a through-hull fitting.

Today  was a day mostly working with Harrison getting another cushion covered. Three more to go and the cushions in main cabin and forepeak will be replaced — Jennifer has taken over the cushions as a project. (Rat trap remains untripped.)

Engine still needs both lubricants replaced and 1000 hour maintenance will be done.

The apartment is emptying of boat materials as each project is finished. Among the materials leaving the apartment were Griot’s cleats, which I mailed on Friday.

Sundays, I make breakfast for everyone in the marina. If your near by, contact me, and join us. Not many Sundays left before April 15th.

Author: johnjuliano

One-third owner of Caro Babbo, co-captain and in command whenever Caro Babbo is under sail.

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