Kickoff Post

The Caro Babbo website is up, and empty.

We are defining categories and tags, trying to put together a menu tree and deciding what will be worthy of posting, and what will be the frequency of posts.

The three main topics explain the goal: Trips we make, food we make and sailing with Alzheimers. Though not currently a category, most time and effort is currently spent refurbishing and upgrading Caro Babbo. We have many months of effort and roughly $15K in so far, and this is only simple things like varnish, wall covering, cushions and the like.

Where does all that money go? We keep a complete set of accounting books for Caro Babbo, so we know where all that money did go. We try not to look at the P&L.

In the coming weeks we’ll spend over $6K on a lifeboat dinghy and a Taylors Stove. The real money is only beginning. New sails and electronics. including AIS are yet to come.