Taylors stove is ready to ship

This morning I heard from John Gardner that the stove was ready to ship. Would I like it insured and for how much?

My major response was to make sure that it arrives after March 3rd, almost two weeks from today.

John will ship it air freight, so arriving too early is a real concern. I don’t want a £2100, 38kg stove sitting in the hallway in front of our apartment for a week.

We’re very pleased to hear that it is ready. All of these things coming together convince us that we’ll go on this trip.

As an aside, I’ve been reading page after page of the OpenCPN (OCPN) post thread on the ‘‘grader’’ radar overlay for Garmin and other brands of radar that transmit NMEA. It is unclear whether these are speaking 0138 or 2K.

I’m hoping 2K. Given these devices are communicating over Ethernet, one would presume so.

I’ve  also started learning about the OpenCPN dashboard, which reads all the NMEA (2K?) from the devices and presents them on the screen as a dashboard. I’m still reading posts from 2013. The first person to mention running this all over WiFi has just posted.

It turns out the Open CPN uses 0183 sentences over internet rather than NMEA 2K PGNs. This is what the radar manufacturers are apparently sending out.

I still need to read about the dashboard.


I also heard from Fisheries last week: the second water bladder (150L) is in and they will hold it until we return in March.

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