We’re back in Seattle

UPS Status

We’re back in Seattle from our month in Phoenix. This week starts the push towards April 15th.

I received notice this morning (the 29th) that the stove has been scheduled for pickup in the UK, the new water bladder needs to be picked up at Fisheries and installed, then cushions this weekend. The to-do list for the Maxi has 258 items on it, with a few dozen to be accomplished before we leave.

The major must-do item is the 1000 hour maintenance on the engine, which involves re-torquing the head. I don’t think the valve train needs to be removed. This week I plan to replace the mechanical lift pump. I’ll explain what that is in a separate post.

The next credit card billing period starts today, so we’ll begin making our purchases: VHF, AIS, Antenna splitter, lift pump, Plexiglas and we’ll keep a look out for a Portland Pudgy Dinghy.

We’ve scheduled a compass swing with Bill Haimes of Island Marine Instruments for April 6th. Bill does military ship compass calibration (swing). Though I think of these vessels as being high tech, they have magnetic compasses and the Navy is re-emphasizing celestial navigation as part of standard training.

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