Heading Home

Although Seattle is six weeks away the run home has started.

We are in a place we’ve been before, a little bay just south of Wrangell narrows. The run through the narrows was relaxing.

In places here, the tide comes in from both the north and south (typically) of a body of water. This means (for example) that when the tide is coming in from the north and you are heading south, you can ride the current south, leading up to high tide (the flood current), and then ride the current south as the tide drops (the ebb current). That is exactly what we did yesterday.

There has been no need to rush, so we ran the engine at about 1800 rpm, which sips fuel, and watched our speed vary from 6.1 knots to 3.9, depending on the current flows.

It was a nice ride.

Here in Deception Point Cove, there is a small house on a float and the  post-apocalyptic landscape of low tide.

Low tide landscape here in Deception Point Cove, anchored in 10 feet of water.
Low tide landscape here in Deception Point Cove, anchored in 10 feet of water.

The run home will be full of friends:

David and Sarah MacKillop join us on the 10th in Prince Rupert. When they leave us in Bella Bella, our friend April joins us for the ride to Port Hardy, where Julie Corenzwit joins.

Our friend Julia Watzek may finish the trip to Seattle.

We’ve realized lately that the boat is our home now. We’ve given up our digs in Seattle, so until we fly out to Phoenix on October 5th, that is where we will live in Seattle.

Time to make breakfast and get the day started.


Author: johnjuliano

One-third owner of Caro Babbo, co-captain and in command whenever Caro Babbo is under sail.

3 thoughts on “Heading Home”

  1. What an adventure. It has been great to follow your adventures. Looks like you will have friends with you most of the way south. Take care and safe sailing.

    1. Don,

      Yes, the swing south has started. I have a bunch of blog posts to put up, and will try to get one done this morning. They’ll be going up put of order, with the longer posts taking the most time… Or do you think I should put them only in order?

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