Weather: Who do you trust?

2-AUG-2016 – We get our weather forecasts, though wind and wave height are all we are really interested in, from two sources: Coast Guard weather forecasts and Grib files that we download from a server on the web.

One is usually right, but we are unable to predict which will be.

Yesterday and today are two instances where the Grib files were dead on, though we wish it was the Coast Guard report.

We’re heading south down Clarence Strait. Weather prediction from the Coast Guard, 15 knots from the northwest, two to three foot waves. Hotdamn! A straight run, wing-n-wing here we go.

The Grib files predict something different, wind from the northwest, but four knots. Grib files win.

The current runs 2 knots through here. Six hours in our favor, six hours against us. We need to cover 27 miles today.

At four knots of wind, we might do two knots in still water. With current against us, we stand still, but more likely go backwards. With current with us, we run out of time before the current switches against us.

The truism about boats is that powerboats have schedules, sailboats have destinations. Today, we are a powerboat.

On the upside, we had bright sunlight for more than 45 minutes: enough time to shed sweaters and other cold weather clothes and get some sun. Then South Eastern Alaskan summer returned.

In the ice box is glacier ice one of the tour boats in Petersburg gave us. With a block of ice we purchased, we have fresh meat in the ice box. Whole wheat dough is rising for rolls, hamburgers for dinner. I have been cooking an Americana kitchen lately: Grilled Cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese with Jalepeños, Vanilla pudding. I even bought a box of Jell-O to make layered parfaits of pudding and Jell-O.

The 1960s live again!


[I have a number of written but unposed blogs posts that will go up out of order. They need artwork, and that takes me a bit of time. Should blog posts only go up in order, no matter how delayed?]

[Posted 4-AUG-2016]

Author: johnjuliano

One-third owner of Caro Babbo, co-captain and in command whenever Caro Babbo is under sail.

6 thoughts on “Weather: Who do you trust?”

        1. Shirley and I knew each other some time around kindergarten. I hope she doesn’t mind when I say she is serious goyim.

          BTW, have you been watching Yid Life Crisis on youtube? We haven’t watched since we started the trip.

        1. Reply… In the states we didn’t call it that… It was just Mac and Cheese. It was a given it came in those little boxes. They were ten for a dollar when I was in college.

          When Kraft eventually when from the small can in the box to the powder, the powder would glow under black or plant life: better living through chemistry.

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