We really are on our way home, Campbell River, Julie flies home tomorrow, we see old and new friends

This morning we’re anchored in Gowlland Harbour across Discovery Passage from Campbell River. We’re within striking distance of Seattle, if we made a run for it we could be back on Lake Union in four days. Instead, we’ll take twelve days…

Yesterday we were in Rebecca spit with our guest and friend Julie Corenzwit, who joined us a week ago in Port Hardy. Julie has had, on the average, average weather. But while David and Sarah had typical days of rain in the morning progessing to sun by afternoon, and clouds and cold as the day ended, Julie had four glorious days of warm almost T-shirt weather, followed by three days of rain, rain and cold.

This morning, the wind howls through the rigging, though while alarming, does not really indicate any voracious wind.

A double batch of muffins is working its way through the oven because in a few minutes Ian Campbell will arrive in his very cool RIB to ferry us to Coast Pilot, his amazing 55-foot trawler-style motor vessel, Coast Pilot.

Ian and Linda Marie have been a recurring theme in our travels this summer. Aside from a mentoring role, Linda and Ian have fascinating lives and fascinating family histories.

Last time we visited their boat, Ian showed us the list of authors his father published. There on the list were the Smeetons — the royalty of sailing book authors. Did you know the Smeetons, we asked.

Linda came back with pictures of herself and Ian with the Smeetons and a bison calf that was allowed to wander in and out of the Smeeton’s house. In a post that probably won’t get written until we return to to Seattle, I’ll tell more about Ian and Linda Marie. Guests are the wonderful distraction that keep me from posting.

This afternoon, we’ll motor across Discovery Passage to Discovery Marina where fellow Maxi 95 Ower Joe Myer has arranged a berth for us.

We saw Joe’s boat last year when we were here with Erwin and Laura. Many of the banner pictures on the site, including the shot from above which shows the Maxi’s flush deck were taken in Campbell River.

Joe is not working today, so we’ll visit with him today, and he will host a barbeque for us in Friday. We feel honored.

Tomorrow evening we’ll stay at the Haig-Brown house. Jennifer has stayed there before. Rod Haig-Brown was the author of Measure of the Year, which I mentioned in a earlier post.

We’re anchored in the north end of the harbor, snug amongst a few islets and many rocks. Jennifer likes anchoring in places like this, though the soundness of our sleep as diminished in concert with our confidence in our Rocna anchor.

Time to clean up and get ready for Ian.

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One-third owner of Caro Babbo, co-captain and in command whenever Caro Babbo is under sail.

2 thoughts on “We really are on our way home, Campbell River, Julie flies home tomorrow, we see old and new friends”

  1. Thanks so much for the apple crisp in the pleasant chats. Delighted to meet Hillary. Remember, Freewater in Horton Bay. Will send you the iPhone pic I took on the beach if I can find your email address somewhere. Regards. Toby or not Toby

    1. A few moments ago Jennifer changed course and we’re now headed to Sidney Spit. Perhaps’ we’ll see you again.

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