Conversation Part 3: Picking up the Parts

On Monday morning, the day the Canadian people celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, shortly after 6 am, Jennifer helped me climb into the dinghy. I’d left the two five gallon cans of gasoline in the dinghy and added the remaining two-cycle oil and a mostly empty five-quart container of crankcase oil. Continue reading “Conversation Part 3: Picking up the Parts”

Conversation Part 2: Kitasoo Watchmen and a Float Plane

I’m not sure when pictures will get added. The drive that held all my pictures crashed and has not yet been restored from a back up.

‘‘Why do they always want to tie up on the port side?’’ Cara asked, not the world at large, not God, but Joe.

Joe looked at Cara, made eye contact but didn’t even bother to shrug.

The aluminum boat Kitasoo Watchmen backed away from port the side, then came along the starboard side a distance away from the Nordic Spirit, but before the boat could tie up the floatplane appeared, touched down on the water and stopped about 250 feet to starboard.

Joe looked at me. We climbed over the side into the dinghy. The engine started with a single pull.

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Status: More air-freighted engine parts, more new friends.

Friday June 3rd – It’s 46°F in Ketchikan; Hilary wakes up and comments occasionally; Jennifer arrived in Providence five hours ago; 18 hours ago I ordered more engine parts, this time from Seattle. Caro Babbo strains on her dock lines against the 25kn winds that blast through the harbor. Continue reading “Status: More air-freighted engine parts, more new friends.”

Weather comes ashore, fish processing, I know Ingmar!

May 17th, 2016

It is 6.25 AM. Jennifer and Hilary are sleeping.

Jennifer was up with me at 5.30 discussing whether to leave then. We looked at the tide and realized that there is not enough water for us to make it through the passage we used to enter this small pool of water. In two hours there will be enough.

A problem is a storm moving that will bring 40 knot winds into the open water near by. If we stay ‘‘inside,’’ the high hills and island will hide us from the wind, but there is one place where we may be exposed to the waves.

When Jennifer wakes up, around 7.30, we’ll discuss this. Continue reading “Weather comes ashore, fish processing, I know Ingmar!”

Too Many Wonderful Places, Reality Calls US Back

We went a wonderful week without phone access or internet. (I lie subtly, because in Ocean Falls there was very slow WiFi available, if we’d sought it out.)

Jennifer realized last Sunday that at our current rate we would arrive in Ketchikan two weeks early, so we’ve been able to slow down travel half days and do fun stuff. We’ve also met people along the way, had them over for drinks and dinner and were hosted to Dutch pancakes by Christian and Wanda in Ocean Falls.

This post will mostly be a photo gallery.

We’re currently back in Shearwater for the cellular connection and laundry. Continue reading “Too Many Wonderful Places, Reality Calls US Back”

Days pass, We see bears, No Internet.

A gallery with text below. The gallery allows you to click on the pictures and see them enlarged. We’ll see if this is a useful presentation method.

I’ve also added Youtube videos. I’ve previously done this with linked text. Please give me feed back on what format for pics and videos works best. Continue reading “Days pass, We see bears, No Internet.”

Trincomali Channel to Vancouver

On Wednesday night, we anchored behind Secret Island in a very well protected small cove. Secret Island was said to have been a secret gift from one of Marilyn Monroe’s lovers to her right before she moved onto Joe Dimaggio. The island is full of small homes with long stairs that lead to private docks. Continue reading “Trincomali Channel to Vancouver”

The Correct Balance, a Recalcitrant Engine and a Dinghy that Leaks.

Monday we stayed in Friday Harbor, visited with the owner of a Maxi 100 (our boat converted to a motorsailer), went whale watching

Two Oracs we saw while watching on Captain Dennis’ boat.
Two Oracs we saw while watching on Captain Dennis’ boat.

and joined our  friend Dennis for dinner aboard his Pacemaker 26 sailboat.

A Maxi 100: A 95v with a different deck mold to be a motorsailerand other changes to lessen production costs.
A Maxi 100: A 95 with a different deck mold to be a motorsailer and other changes to lessen production costs.

Amongst Dennis, Jennifer and I, two bottles of wine, a round of mescal and a beer or two disappeared (Hilary drinks cranberry juice in a wine glass). At times like those, the conversation often wanders, and did, to living life. Continue reading “The Correct Balance, a Recalcitrant Engine and a Dinghy that Leaks.”

Friday was supposed to be an unlucky day to leave anyway

We’re not leaving today.

We got to the boat yesterday at midnight, rather than midday as planned. Moving out of the apartment and getting everything into storage took much longer than planned. Without Scott Wilson’s help, the truck never would have loaded at all.

Based on our late arrival at the boat, we decided on a noon departure so Jennifer could cut cushions for the aft cabin. The final straw was the non-delivery of some tax documents Jennifer must physically sign — I haven’t figured out why sending us a PDF to print that Jennifer could sign wouldn’t work.

At that point, we decided we’d leave tomorrow. [As I write this, Jennifer is traveling to the UPS for her document in a car Dennis Canty as loaned us. The cushions came out very well.]

BTW, for those who are following the engine storyline, I turned the key this morning, after having let the engine sit for a few days, and the engine started immediately, idled well, as the revs ran up.

When Jennifer returns, we’ll fuel up and be ready to leave early mañana.

First stop, Port Townsend.

A longer post to follow tonight or across the weekend.

Statistics Predict for the Group, Not the Individual

Any that can go wrong, will go wrong — Murphy’s law

If two things can go wrong, the thing that will cost the most will go wrong — First Corollary to Murphy’s (paraphrase)

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