Traps 1, Rats 0, Varnishing is complete, Cushions moving ahead

Thursday when I arrived at the boat to start work, a bag of lentils had been torn open: the rat(s) had returned. Before leaving at the end of the day I set a trap covered in lentils.

Friday the trap was missing; Continue reading “Traps 1, Rats 0, Varnishing is complete, Cushions moving ahead”

New Flexible Water Tank Installed – At Long Last

I installed the 150L size under the starboard settee to match the same model under the port settee.

By now I quietly acknowledge that my ability to predict the elapsed time to complete a job is woefully inadequate. Rather than quickly knocking off Continue reading “New Flexible Water Tank Installed – At Long Last”

We’re back in Seattle

We’re back in Seattle from our month in Phoenix. This week starts the push towards April 15th.

I received notice this morning (the 29th) that the stove has been scheduled for pickup in the UK, Continue reading “We’re back in Seattle”

Caro Babbo work today

The weather forecasts no rain today in Seattle, so if everything plays out correctly, I’ll ride my bike to the boat. It is 12 miles each way, so it is a nice ride. The problem this time of year is that it gets dark by 4.30, so riding home is something I often need to forego.

Getting the bike home becomes a problem. I haven’t started mounting it on the front of the bus, which can be a problem in any case at rush hour.

The engine is starting well using the Dickenson diesel heater pump as a lift Continue reading “Caro Babbo work today”