We’re back in the PNW

We’re back in the Pacific Northwest. Well, at the moment, ‘we’ refers to Hilary and me.

Hilary, Jennifer and I spent from October 5th through January 7th in Phoenix working on a house Jennifer owns. It was a time to get fit as Jennifer and I worked 6 to 7 days a week from sun up until we needed to stop.

Some of the gravel I moved about

I got in shape by moving approximately 25 tons of gravel with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. It feels good to carry muscle again. The trick is how to keep it; I don’t belong to a gym anymore.

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Hilary is the center of attention no matter where we go, but the woman Jennifer and I live with isn’t the woman I met 11 years ago. Yet, like that woman, this woman is buoyant, full of life.
People who meet Hilary once, remember her, call to her and become concerned about her well-being.

Is it rewarding to have traveled with Hilary for five months? No, it isn’t. It is work, unrelenting, uninterrupted work that increases in effort as Hilary progresses with her disease.

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Being Back, Vodka Truth Serum, and Adjusting

It is very good being back, though the noise of a city was assaulting and being afloat but not being on the hook was and is confusing. Continue reading “Being Back, Vodka Truth Serum, and Adjusting”

Taku Harbor, Traveling from Juneau to Endicott Arm – Waiting for Weather

23-JUL-2016 – It’s 8:50 am. It’s been blowing fairly hard since shortly after we arrived here in Taku Harbor yesterday around noon.

Blowing with a vengeance really started during the night accompanied by the predicted hard-driven rain. The rain and wind continues this morning. Continue reading “Taku Harbor, Traveling from Juneau to Endicott Arm – Waiting for Weather”

Sailing with Hilary

Today is not an atypical day. We’re sailing at 3 knots, the sky is overcast with rain predicted.

Hilary, after eating breakfast, told me that the beauty that surrounds us in the Malaspina Strait was so difficult to express that it hurt in her chest. Jennifer, down below planning our passage through the upcoming rapids, heard this and arrived with three stuffed animals that Hilary is enchanted with, distracting her from her pain. Continue reading “Sailing with Hilary”

Preparing with Hilary

We are making progress on our preparations for the Alaska trip. Executing these preparations with Hilary in tow has been at times more successful for me than at others.

First, we have recently enrolled her in Full Life Adult Day Care. We call it her Friendship Group, and we take her Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from about 8:30 until about 1PM. The cost per day is $65. Our bill for March is going to be around a thousand dollars. Continue reading “Preparing with Hilary”

Christmas in March: Taylors stove and Plastimo 50 Compass Arrive

Without even a knock at the door, the stove arrived at 7:30 last night. Hilary and I heard the soft shush as the UPS driver slid the 35 kg box across the carpeted hallway. Continue reading “Christmas in March: Taylors stove and Plastimo 50 Compass Arrive”