Christmas in March: Taylors stove and Plastimo 50 Compass Arrive

Without even a knock at the door, the stove arrived at 7:30 last night. Hilary and I heard the soft shush as the UPS driver slid the 35 kg box across the carpeted hallway. Continue reading “Christmas in March: Taylors stove and Plastimo 50 Compass Arrive”

We’re back in Seattle

We’re back in Seattle from our month in Phoenix. This week starts the push towards April 15th.

I received notice this morning (the 29th) that the stove has been scheduled for pickup in the UK, Continue reading “We’re back in Seattle”

Kerosene Stove (Paraffin Cooker): Why would we ever buy one?

The decision to buy a kerosene stove, rather than the more typical propane stove, is mine alone. Jennifer has no responsibility in the decision and trusts me to make the right one.

The original goal, which we will not achieve, was to have a single-fuel boat. Continue reading “Kerosene Stove (Paraffin Cooker): Why would we ever buy one?”

How much insurance to ship Taylors stove?

How much would I like to insure it for? This can effect import duty.

How much is the import duty on a used Kerosene stove made in the UK?

John assures me the stove will not ship until I am ready to receive it.

BTW Can I send the rest of the money? Yes, of course.

Actual import duty… Zip. We’ll insure for the full amount, which is 2%.

(Do 1 in 50 packages really need an insurance claim filed?)

Taylors stove is ready to ship

This morning I heard from John Gardner that the stove was ready to ship. Would I like it insured and for how much?

My major response was to make sure that it arrives after March 3rd, almost two weeks from today.

John will ship it air freight, so arriving too early is a real concern. Continue reading “Taylors stove is ready to ship”